POSSCON is upon us!

POSScon is up and coming! This Thursday I will be heading to the Palmetto Open Source Software conference in Columbia, SC. This conference is a great opportunity to meet other employees within the business of open source software, and to hear their opinions on the effects of open source software in the industry. Here are a few presenters I look forward to seeing, as well as a few questions to ask while I am there.

Michael Weinberg

Mr. Weinberg will be discussing the intellectual property ramifications of 3D printing. This talk interests me because 3D printing seems like a viable next step in the chain of newer printing technology. I would like to see his thoughts on the practical matter of developing 3D printers instead of the theoretical and laboratory side of development.

Question: What kind of restrictions could be placed on 3D printers to protect copyright and are they even reasonable/practical solutions?

Kevin Whinnery

Kevin will be talking about mobile development and the open source community surrounding it. Mobile development is a field I am interested in getting into, and I would find it advantageous to hear his thoughts in this field in regards to open source.

Question: How much harder is it to organize an open source community for mobile development rather than stationary? Are there any noticeable differences within the communities?

Jesse Andrews

One of the keynote speakers for this day will be Jesse Andrews. He will be discussing the effect of the cloud upon open source software. Many of the cloud developers have very rigid APIs that hinder development and innovation. Jesse wants to talk about ways to handle this issue. As another newer technology, I look forward to hearing about the cloud’s effect on open source software. It should be an intriguing presentation.

Question: How do the APIs of cloud development on mobile compare to the ones imposed on stationary development? Is one worse than the other?


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