RMH: The Final Countdown

This week we had to do 8.1 in our open source software book. This will be our last exercise in RMH. For this exercise we need to do three parts relating to the login system.

a. Suggest a more secure definition of default password assignment in RMH Homebase (currently the default password is the same as the login).

A great way to make a secure login is to take certain elements of a person to define the defualt password, such as a mixture of their id, name, and birthdate.\

b. When a person forgets their person, suggest a way it can be changed without needing to contact a house manager.

The easiest way for a person to recover their password is to provide secure information only that person will know, such as full name and birth date.

c. Revise login_form.php and implement your changes to the login. Be sure to test the revision and ensure it works in all cases.

I decided to mix the id, with the user’s last name. For example the password for id: 276, name:davidson would be davidson276. Then, to recover the password the user must type in their last name and their id number. Since the two are conceptually similar, they required less testing. All the tests from my SimpleTest passed.


This exercise was a great way to wrap up RMH for the semester. I will talk more about my over all experiences in my next post.


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